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Downgrading for NIRC.
In British Riding Clubs there is a facility to have a horse or pony downgraded by Stoneleigh.
The downgrading is for the Qualifiers to and for the British Riding Clubs’ Championships.

The Northern Ireland R.C. Liaison Committee has put in place a downgrading system for horses/ponies to compete in the Northern Ireland Riding Clubs’ Championships.

The decision in NIRCLC will be made by a sub-committee made up of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon, Secretary and one other Liaison Committee  member  - chosen for their expertise and knowledge of the particular discipline in which the horse/pony will take part.  ie. S/J  D/A    H/T  C/C.
The sub committee will consider the request and base their decision on their knowledge of the rider and horse/pony and the information on their application.

The downgrading, if granted, will only be valid for one competition year. ie October – September at NIRC Championships only.

The downgrading Application form is available on application to Hon. Sec. Mrs B. Gaston.


Northern Ireland Riding Clubs’ Rules for Championships in Horse Trials, Show jumping, Riding Tests, dressage and style jumping.
Any rule not covered by the following can be found in the BRC Rule Book.
The BRC Rule Book is now on line at BRC Web Site.
The onus is on the competitor to know the rules and to abide by them.

The N.I.R.C. Rules have evolved over the years since the start of the NIRC Championships in the 1980’s and ratified progressively at Liaison Committee Meetings.

All situations not covered by these rules may be found in the BRC rulebook: matters that cannot be resolved by interpreting the rule to the letter should be resolved following the spirit of the text to obtain a solution that is fairest to all competitors.

Making an entry for NIRC Competitions constitutes acceptance of these rules.

The same combination cannot enter both qualifiers and N.I. Championships in the same class on the same day except in show jumping.
Seniors must ride 14.00.h.h. and over in all show jumping competitions.
No horse or rider may compete on more that one team in any Championships.
Each club must appoint a Chef d’equipe who will be responsible for its members at each Championship.

Clubs whose helpers do not turn up will be eliminated. HELPERS MUST BE SENIORS.

There will be no refunds at any of our Championships unless cancelled.

The NIRC competitions year is from Sept/Oct to Aug/Sept.

             SAFETY RULES

  1. Competitors should ensure they are competent to compete at the level entered.
  2. Under no circumstances is a junior permitted to assist in the warm-up area.
  3. The Safety Officer shall set the limit to the number of riders permitted to enter the warm-up area.
  1. The Safety Officer may introduce other measures, which are deemed necessary on the day.
  2. All pets must be kept on a lead and kept under strict control at all times.
  3. Young children shall be accompanied and under the supervision of a responsible person at all times.
  4. After a fall if a rider is given medical advice not to continue and decides to ignore that advice that competitor will be eliminated for Health and Safety reasons.
  5. Lunging area, where possible, should be roped off.  For Seniors only – properly dressed.
  6. This list is not necessarily complete other safety rules may apply depending on the event and location.
  7. All kickers must wear a red ribbon.
  8. All stallions must be declared on the entry form.



Only clubs and individuals affiliated to BRC and Liaison Committee and who have paid the required fees are eligible to compete.



Juniors are not permitted to wear spurs in N.I. Championships.
Seniors and juniors may wear half chaps but they must be plain and same colour as boots.

Rules regarding dress and tack are in the BRC Rule Book.  Area rules will apply to Qualifiers and Championships rules will apply to NI. Championships.




All clubs sending competitors to the horse trails must submit the names and telephone numbers of all their fence judges/helpers.  If a club does not submit three fence judges/helpers on the day their competitors will not run.


  • Any EI points will be used as penalties
  • There will be no limit for penalties
  • Cut off date for points will be date of entry
  • Riders who have competed in any competition held under FEI rules may not compete.
  • Max height 3’3”



  • Any horse may compete with any number of points, provided the rider has not been an EI member within the last five years.  The points will be used as penalties for the final score.
  • A current EI member must only ride a horse with no EI points.
  • Max height 2’9”
  • Past Winners of the novice class may not enter novice class next year.


  • Any junior may ride a horse/pony with any number of EI points.  These points will be used as penalties in the final score.
  • Riders may be EI registered.  Max Height 2’9”


  • Minimus is not for schooling
  • Riders stopping at a fence must not ‘take a lead’ from a following rider, this means elimination.
  • Riders must obey the fence judge.
  • Riders of any age
  • Riders and horses must not compete in any other class.
  • Fences 2’3” – 2’ 6”
  • Any rider eliminated on the cross country course must retire.



All clubs entering for the show jumping must supply the required number of helpers with their names, ‘phone numbers and if possible email addresses. 


  • Maximum of two teams per club
  • Maximum of two juniors per team
  • Seniors must ride 14.00h.h  and over
  • Juniors must ride 13.2h.h and over.  (NOT UNDER)
  • No horse or rider may jump on two teams
  • Fences max 90cms for riders 1 & 2
  •                   1.00.m. for riders 3 & 4


INDIVIDUAL  - INDOOR            

  • Senior open    Heights – 1.05m – 1.15m    Points – No limit
  • Senior Intermediate – height max  1.00m.  Points – 0-75
  • Senior Novice  - height max 90cms.           Points – 0-20
  • Junior open – Height max 90cms.    Points 0 - 160
  • Junior novice – height max 90cms   Points 0 – 20






  • Team of four riders and four horses
  • No’s 1 & 2     90cms max
  • No’s 3 & 4   1.00m
  • Max two teams per club
  • SJI points 0.-.75 except for open rider
  • Each team may have one open rider who must jump 3rd or 4th.


  • Teams or four riders and four horses/ponies
  • All riders jump the same heights
  • Max height 95cms
  • Points 0-160 for ponies
  • Points 0-75 for horses


All competitors will jump two rounds; best three scores to count, and all teams on a zero score will jump-off for first place.   Other places will be decided by time in second round.


  • All competitors jump two rounds
  • Only competitors with two clear rounds will go into the jump-off.
  • Points – No Limit
  • Height  1.05m – 1.15m



  • As above
  • Points 0 – 75
  • Height limit 1.00m


  • As above
  • Points – not more than 20 points.
  • Height limit 95cms.
  • Past winners of novice class may not enter novice next year.

          (Horse and rider combination).

  • As above
  • Points 0 – 160
  • Heights 95cms – 1.00m.


  • As above
  • Points 0 – 20
  • Heights  85 – 90cms