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Competitions / Results

Results from Northern Ireland Riding Club Autumn Dressage Championships
Despite the less than wonderful weather that we all experienced on Saturday morning, more than one hundred Riding Club members braved the wind and rain to compete in the Northern Ireland Riding Club Autumn Dressage Championships, now running in its third year, at Laurel View.

Judging was very capably carried out by Lucy Adams, David Patterson and Angelene Nicholson, and the scoring team, headed by Sally Hodgkinson (Beeches Riding Club), turned the results around in record times, despite delays due to the very heavy rain in the morning.

Many thanks are due to Laurel View proprietors Robert and Linda Davis, for hosting the event, and for providing excellent and well prepared facilities, as well as excellent catering.  Thanks are also due to the many riding club members who provided help on the day, especially those standing in the rain doing call up, tack stewarding and car parking.  ‘Wet to the knickers’ was the order of the day.
Nine classes ran, for both seniors and juniors, and the results are as follows:

Class 1 BCR Walk/ Trot 1 (2014)
1 – Nuala O’Hare and Baillie (Gilford & District)
2 – Kate Russell and Toffee (Downshire)
3 – Lindsay Gault and Don’t Talk Back (Galgorm & District)
4 – Amanda Williamson and Ardlea Diamond Lad (Bessbrook & District)
5 – Shauna-Lee McCann and Silver Penny (Bessbrook & District)
6 – Maureen Campbell and Jordan River (Downshire)

Class 2 BD Prelim 7 (2002)
1 – Nicci Hall and Bob (Lecale)
2 – Jane Smith and Bahrain Boy (North Coast)
3 – Lucinda Webb-Graham and Don Heinrich (North Coast)
4 – Clare Orr and Mount Arnie (Downshire)
5 – Julie Coulter and Castlebawn Obelix (Craigantlet)
6 – Barbara Hannah and Rock Babylon (Sixmilewater)

Class 3 DB Prelim 12 (2995)
1 – Nicci Hall and Rosie (Lecale)
2 – Ian McCluggage and Parker (Sixmilewater)
3 – Claire Liddle and Frenchfort Jackson (Craigantlet)
4 – Pamela Fulton and Ron’s Academy (North Coast)
5 – Joanne McSvenney and Donna Emelia (Sixmilewater)
6 – Lucinda Webb- Graham and Don Heinrich (North Coast)

  Nicci Hall and Rosie

Class 4 – BD Novice 24 (2010)
1 – Katrine Buchanan and Frank (Downshire)
2 – Bianca McElnea and Rossa Tramonto (Sixmilewater)
3 – Erin Faloona and Margie Mac (Sixmilewater)
4 – Mandy Blakely and Pleasant Surprise (Downshire)
5 – Sharon McGimpsey and Knocharaha Gypsey (Gransha)
6 – Lousie Spence and Maverick (Sixmilewater)

Class 5 BD Novice 30 (2006)
1 – Reese Hogg and Curano Hilltop (Downshire)
2 – Danielle Hammond (Downshire)
3 – Daryl McKinney and Ballylin Ben (North Coast)
4 - Louise McFarlane and VHS Zulora (Capall)
5 – Katrine Buchanan and Frank (Downshire)
6 – Kerry Rafferty and Roundstone Frazer (Gilford & District)

Class 6 BD Elem 44 (2002)
1 – Penny Murphy and Tick It (Sixmilewater)
2 – Daryl McKinney and Ballylin Ben (North Coast)
3 – Louise McFarlane and VHS Zulora (Capall)
4 – Sarah Brashaw and Abbeystorm Fionn (Gransha)
5 – Louise Craig and Cooper (Redhall)

Class 7 BRC Walk/ Trot Test 1 (2014) JUNIOR
1 – Chloe Martin and Clonkeen Toffee (Downshire)
2 – Katie Laverty and Phantom (North Coast)
3 – Mia Dickson and Little Chef (Downshire)

Class 8 BD Prelim 12 (2005)
1 - Aimee McKillen and Mountcharles Boy (Beeches)
2 – Charlotte Brown and Clover (Gildord & District)
3 – Heather Fulton and Robe Archie (North Coast)
=4 – Victoria Fox and WS Laird Joni (Downshire)
=4 – Crystal Moore and Miss Ellie (North Coast)
6 – Laura McKay and Legend (North Coast)

Class 9 BD Novice 24 (2010)
1 – Tara Murphy and Warrantanta (Sixmilewater)
2 – Orla Smith and Bahrain Boy (North Coast)
3 – Aimee McKillen and Mountcharles Boy (Beeches)
4 – Heather Fulton and Robe Archie (North Coast)
5 – Tara Murphy and Tick It (Sixmilewater)